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Dana & Justin's Amangiri Elopement

Quick Facts:

My name is Shlomi. Some people like to spell it the "German" way (Schlomi) and I’ve grown tired of correcting them when that happens.

I am a Toronto wedding photographer with a strong documentary, moment driven approach.

Best thing that ever happened to me in life is my wife, Devon.

Together, we named our first son after the photographer quoted in the slideshow above this text.

In 2016 my father and I got matching tattoos on our arms.

Dad jokes are, unfortunately, my specialty.

I am a hopeless optimist (best oxymoron out there).

I have a love/hate relationship with people. That, along with a passion for people watching, is what I believe ultimately made me pick up a camera.

I love knowing that some folks don't relate to my work. It reminds me that I'm not doing the exact same thing as the guy/gal next to me in this oversaturated industry.

Recent Work