December 31, 2018 /

Another Year of Documenting Feelings - 2018 Year in Review


It’s hard to believe 2018 will be over in less than 6 hours! For this “Year in Review” post, I wanted to make sure I stayed away from what most people in this industry are doing. This, in fact, has been my goal for the last few years with everything relating to my wedding work. This carefully curated collection is not the best, or most epic photos we took this year. Not at all. They’re actually the photos that I feel are some of the most meaningful. To either my couples, myself, or anyone in or out of any of these captures. Sounds obscure but I promise you that if you’ll think about it for 5 minutes, you’ll understand where I’m getting at here.

Not to go full ‘Dad Mode’ on you guys but we all know that we live in a time of constant documentation, over sharing of everything, and fabricated online personas turned idols. So, what’s left for us? This guy posts videos of himself firing M16s with a posse of naked Instagram “models”, that girl lectures body-positive vibes in one video, and posing in a specific way to appear slimmer on camera in the following post, and so many wedding photographers’ accounts consist of over 85% of “in my element”, or “Hi, this is me” type imagery. It’s a trendy world out there!
So here they are. Meaningful moments that might mean nothing to you, but mean the world to someone else. Isn’t this the whole purpose of us going out every weekend to document these celebrations? I think so.

Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for stopping by!