December 26, 2014 /

Airship 37 Wedding


Jenn & Matt’s wedding was the sweetest way to end a wild summer season. With 9 weddings in August and 6 more in September alone, I feel like wild is a good word to use when describing the pace I was going in during the summer. Shooting at Airship 37 for the first time was a delightful experience. Paired with an awesome crowd, gorgeous decor and the most wicked couple, it truly was a special day. I had so much fun with those two! Wish we could do it again!
I started the day shooting the girls getting ready as always. However, this time I wasn’t alone. Jenn was actually featured on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress Canada and was surrounded by the production team throughout the beginning of the day. At first I thought that as a photographer it would interfere with my work but after expressing that to Jenn we both agreed that the day needs to be documented as is, and that included the production team in it. All in all they really did their best to stay out of the way and not take over the event so that was great! Thinking about it now, I never watched my national TV premier appearance. Oh well ;)This was my first wedding shot at Airship 37, which is a fairly new wedding venue in Distillery District in Toronto. It was so refreshing to see a space that is designed quite differently than most of the wedding venues in that area. It was super modern, clean and the food was great. I am definitely excited for the next time I get to shoot there!

I especially enjoyed Jenn and Matt’s ceremony. The space was set up with the guests sitting in circular rows and facing into the center where Jenn and Matt made their vows to each other. It was so different and lovely!