April 8, 2015 /

Annex Engagement Photos


Here is the perfect example of my ideal couple and my ideal engagement session. I’ve known these two lovelies for years now and was so thrilled to hear about their engagement.
Leora and David chose to have their engagement session in a beautiful old neighbourhood in Toronto called the Annex. They lived there for a few years and guess what – so did I! That was just one out of many layers that made this shoot extra special to me as I have lived in the Annex for 4 years! We started the shoot around the beautiful (and unfortunately soon to be gone) Honest Ed store, which is one of Toronto’s most famous landmarks. From there we moved into the different corners and nooks of this beautiful neighbourhood. All of us knowing it like the back of our hands sure helped!

Then came the big outfit change! Leora and David came up with this super fun idea that we should photograph them doing mundane, every-day things dressed up in the craziest attires. I, of course, never say no to ideas as such. In fact, as a wedding photographer I get to shoot very similar engagement sessions, especially in terms of location. So when a couple introduces another creative and personal layer as such I welcome it with open arms! Amongst other activities, we also went wedding dress shopping, had a visit at the bank, and shopped for fresh pineapples. It was so unbelievably hilarious! Lucky for us Toronto is a wonderful city in which no one can ever be weird. So everything goes.

To sum this shoot up I’ll just say that times like these make my heart smile and make me realize every time why I chose wedding photography as my career. Wicked, funny, goofy, loving fun. That’s all.