Fifty years from now, would you rather remember what things looked like, or how they felt?


Here's a question that I learned to constantly ask myself over the years, confronting my own thoughts, and ultimately making better decisions.
Why photography? Well, it's a passion as you might have guessed but then what is it that makes us passionate about something?

To me it’s relationships. While quite a broad term, I can wholeheartedly say that everything I do in my photographic work is based on relationships. The relationship between the subjects in the frame as well as my relationship with those subjects. It is one big dance that determines the feel the photograph delivers to you, the viewer. Depending on your own past experience, that photograph could transcend the physical act of image viewing and by that create a new relationship with you.

The reality is that all people are different. Our opinions, thoughts, and views vary depending on our age, cultural background, past experiences, and many more factors. We all have different values, and we all value things differently.


On February 22nd, 2015 I joined the club; the marriage club that is. While the wedding itself was the best party of my life, it was merely a one-day celebration of something much bigger - marriage. Experiencing the wedding day in the shoes of the groom, I got a new perspective on my profession as a wedding photographer.
Before the wedding, everybody kept asking me “So who is shooting your wedding?!”. Since my couple selfies became such a signature thing I’d always joke around and say that I will be shooting it. I did my research and actively looked for a photographer (every day) for almost two months until I found one. I chose him because I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about anything wedding photography related. He had the balance I was looking for in a photographer. His portraits are stunning, his post-production is unique, consistent and spot-on, and most importantly he just knows how to capture moments. Real moments. In addition, he brought the calmest, positive energy to the wedding, which helped us relax and enjoy every single second of the day. He was just a delight to be around throughout the wedding day.

Only after being on the other side I was able to really understand the value of hiring a personable wedding photographer. Sure you can go to school and learn everything you need to know about photography. However, it is a lot harder to learn how to be friendly, caring and responsible. I truly believe that some of my biggest strengths lie in the care and attention I give the couples that I work with. While continuously trying to be as creative as I can, these characteristics have always been the foundation of my business.

Photo by Roman Balashov