December 30, 2014 /

Best Moments of the Year - 2014 Recap


Moments before a new year starts I figured I’d showcase some of this year’s highlights. 2014 definitely was a year full of adventures. 32 weddings in Canada, US, and Mexico made for a large verity of interesting experiences and visuals.

Unlike a typical “end of year” post, this one focuses on the best moments and not necessarily best photos. These are the moments that will always stay with me as I move forward with my career.


First bride of 2014, Laurie, getting ready at her bridal room at George Restaurant 

Niki wiping the tears from Curt’s face, moments after the reveal

Form and negative space – Heather & Andy’s wedding

Fun moment with my lovelies Sarah & Daniella

Mission mountain climb accomplished – Amy & Justin’s wedding

Last portrait before the lightning storm – Stefanie & Kyle

That time I hung off the edge of the zooming boat to get the shot – Photo by Shai Mendelsohn

Camping engagement session with Jocelyn & Nate.  What a great day!

Elisa and Joel playing with shadows

Freezing legs in the lake make for wider shots

The anonymous second shooting clan

Beautiful bride Tiffy waiting for her husband Matt to play their first dance song

Behind glass – Yvonne & Dennis

Whoever had my camera at this moment – Thank you for getting me dancing with these awesome guys!

Turned around to find a friend hiding in the bush during an engagement session

Candice & Cal

The flexing challenge is on!  Who will get the newly wed couple to kiss?

Seems like an appropriate placement for the ring



Megan and the girls

Nothing happier than a Shlomi in a paddle boat


Purple Haze


Niki and her dad

A group portrait full of strangers and a pizza/ Love doesn’t have a face

Private Dancer

Don’t drop the soap

Greatest party of all

The wedding day (like any other day)

Well hello to you as well!

Dan’s commitment on the dance floor

#1 indicator of a great party.  I have a collection of these! 

College tradition gone wrong

Amy in mid air

Dave & Jordan’s reveal

A photograph

A photograph of a photograph by Shai Mendelsohn

Making something out of nothing.  Shot on a typical Ontario school exterior.

Ran into some friends at a wedding

Lana & David playing with airplanes 

Chilli selfie with Sanja and Matt

Jenn wipes Matt’s tears during their wedding in September

These girls

And this guy


The puppy who was afraid of cameras and ran back up the stairs right after this shot was taken

The greatest father-daughter reveal in the history of wedding photography

Inside jokes often make for strange (and wonderful nonetheless) photographs

Long Point shooting – Photo by Shai Mendelsohn

Hide and seek

Dan & Yasmin’s tennis break

Planning a shot with the guys

Shooting girls

May or may not be most favorite couple portrait of the year

Happy New Year!