August 12, 2016 /

Canmore Wedding


Since moving to Canada seven years ago I have heard so many things about the Canadian Rockies. However, nothing could have ever prepared me for the experience of physically being there. I arrived in Calgary at 9am after photographing an Ottawa wedding the day before. After taking a few snaps of Jess getting ready we left Calgary and drove west towards Canmore. Mountain peaks unassumingly revealing themselves on the way finally made me feel the beauty of that part of Canada and what people were talking about all along. It was absolutely breathtaking.
As a Toronto wedding photographer, this was quite the change of scene for me. Breathing that mountain air inspired me in a very different way than the way the big city does. Any direction you turn you can get a photograph worthy of being a postcard. Sounds cliché but that’s the reality of shooting in such a beautiful place. Of course there are many light and weather challenges but generally speaking it is pretty hard to take a bad photo in that part of Canada. Photographing this wedding, I tried to maintain my approach of always making my couple the subject, reveal their personalities to the viewer and have a blast while doing it. Jess and Rich made it quite easy for me to do.

Jess and I started chatting about her wedding plans two years ago and I am so happy I ended up documenting her beautiful day. I can’t wait to back in that part of Canada, as there are many places I still need to see!


We were very short on time during the early part of the day and only had about 10 minutes to shoot Rich and his best man Mani (aka Best Mani) getting ready. Luckily, Rich had a detailed plan for that made sure we banged all the moments he wanted documented in that super short amount of time. It worked like a charm!