November 23, 2014 /

Drysdale Tree Farms Wedding


Nothing could have prepared me for this awesome day. From a beautiful outdoor ceremony location to one of the wildest parties of the year, Candice and Cal’s wedding at Drysdale Tree Farms was everything a wedding needs to be! They even had a poutine truck for the late night snack!
Right from the beginning this wedding was a riot. The girls got ready in the hotel room before heading to the venue and I was there with them to make sure I get all the special moments documented. One of the reasons I love shooting the getting ready stage of the day so much is because you never know what to expect, and so many fun surprises can happen. It’s also the part of the day in which I get to know the people and get them comfortable with the fact I’m there with them.

By the time Cal was ready to see his wife to be walking down the aisle so much had already happened. That’s the beauty of weddings. They are packed with things going on! The ceremony was short and sweet, and was held outdoor in a location in which you had to take the local “train” to get to. It is a great way to arrive to the ceremony area. No cars, no parking lots, just a train that goes woo woo!

The rest of the night was full of great food, touching speeches and epic dancing. It also featured a late night poutine station (which is a must in every wedding if you ask me), and a make out session with the resident fire truck. What a wicked wild party!

Fun fact: Even though I insisted they don’t, Candice & Cal got me V.I.P access to the poutine truck to save me from waiting in line!