Amangiri Elopement


I’m Writing this as I’m still coming off the high of the wonderful experience of photographing Dana & Justin’s elopement in one of the most beautiful places in the world.In 2013 I went on a month and a half long road trip in the US. I traced Robert Frank’s 1955 route across this magnificent country. It was much more of a looking than photographing trip for me. As someone who grew up in a highly American influenced place, my fascination with Uncle Sam is something I have been aware of from a very early age.One of the places I never made it to during that trip was the Utah Mountains. Last March I was fortunate enough to be invited to document an elopement in a spectacular location – Amangiri Resort. Now, this is a place I had no idea even existed before Dana and Justin contacted me. After a quick online research I was blown away. Of course none of that came close to the experience of being there. Not even the photos I’m sharing with you here. The landscape is something that is, if I could just pick one word, unimaginable. The colors and rock formations are simply ungraspable, especially for a city boy like myself. The resort itself is just another thing I can blabber about for hours. At first the concrete, minimalistic architecture seemed unfitting but after spending some time there it quickly became much more organic and sensible in my eyes. I absolutely love it. The fact that it is hidden in the mountains adds a wicked-mysterious twist to it. Amangiri – I’m hooked.

This was an intimate affair of love – a quick ceremony followed by a beautiful dinner and hiking Antelope Canyon the morning after. Dana and Justin sure have their priorities in order if you ask me. I joined them as they were getting ready and left right after they signed their documents. Lucky for me I even got to be a legal part of it as one of the witnesses. Dana, Justin: Thank you for taking me out of the Canadian cold and trusting me with your memories. You guys were an absolute treat to hang out with! High fives to Amangiri resort for providing us with the best backdrop an elopement photographer can ask for, and to Val Hunter of Tellurian Events for the beautiful flowers!


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