Are you available to shoot outside of Toronto?

Absolutely. I’m available to shoot across Canada and internationally as long as traveling fees and accommodation are covered by the couple. A traveling fee may apply for weddings outside of the GTA.

Who will be photographing my wedding?

Myself and my associate Jocelyn Reynolds will be photographing your wedding. Just like you, I have heard the horror wedding stories of a different photographer showing up on the wedding day. It’s never going to happen here. We are a dedicated team that believes that people should get the service they paid for and nothing less.

Can we avoid hst with paying cash?

The million-dollar question. Solid NO. Collecting HST and paying taxes is my legal obligation as a business owner and I fulfill it every single time with zero exceptions. I run a legitimate, honest business I built from scratch and with a lot of sweat, and risking it in order to give a client a discount would simply be silly on my part.

How quickly can we expect to see our photograps and album?

Your photos will be ready within 8 weeks from the wedding day.

What kind of back up do you offer for our photos?

As soon as a photo is taken on you wedding day, it is already backed up as I am shooting into two cards simultaneously in my camera. Once the wedding is over the files are backed up to three drives in different locations. Photos are kept backed up for one year from the wedding day. It is your responsibility as the couple to back up all of the photos as soon as you receive them.

How many pictures will you take and how many do I get?

More than your parents got for their wedding day. On average, I end up with around 50 photos for every hour of coverage.

Can we have all the photos you’ve taken on our wedding?

I do not deliver, post or share any unedited photographs. In fact, these photos never leave my computer. Think of a musician releasing his song recorded on his cell phone to the radio – less than ideal. That being said, you will receive all the selected photographs from the wedding touched up and ready to print, in high resolution with no watermark.

Do you create wedding albums for your clients?

Yes. We design the all albums ourselves. The storytelling aspect of my job doesn’t end with taking photos, it also reflects in the sequencing of the photos in the album. Click here to see the beautiful albums we offer!

You can Photoshop that, right?

Not really. I could… but it is definitely not the way I work. I invest all of my knowledge, creative abilities, and technical skills to capture everything in camera. I retouch the photos to correct the colors and enhance them but I cannot make things disappear. It goes against my documentary approach.

Do you have photos of entire weddings that I can see?

Weddings are extremely personal events therefore viewing an entire wedding is not possible out of respect to my clients’ privacy. If you’d like to see a selection of photos from one wedding, please feel free to visit my blog at https://www.shlomiamigaweddings.com/blog/.

What kind of equipment do you work with?


Do you have backup equipment?

Yes I do. Cameras, lenses, batteries, protein bars, you name it.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. In case any issue arises during the wedding day, my wedding photography business is insured for $2M liability.

What happens if you get sick on our wedding day?

It is highly unlikely. However, if I am sick to the point I can’t work, I will send a backup photographer to your event. In addition, I will reimburse you %25 of the total amount paid for my services.

Do I really need a second photographer?

Second photographers are great for 3 main reasons:

•    Couple is getting ready in different locations
•    During the ceremony, the second photographer gets all of the reactions from the crowd while I focus on the couple. There is a lot going on between the two sides to be documented.
•    Over 150 guests, coverage of the wedding becomes a lot more effective between two photographers.

How much time should I set aside for family photos?

Assuming the amount of people who need to be photographed does not exceed 30 people, 45 minutes is a good amount of time. That said, try to keep everything organized and have everyone ready in one spot to ease the process.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

I currently only accept email transfers as a payment method. If you are not very familiar with the process, please take a look at this link: goo.gl/Wl0IRo  .