February 19, 2016 /

High Park Engagement Photos


This little stroll in the snow was supposed to happen on Saturday, February 13th. However since it felt like -37 degrees outside that day, we had to reschedule! Little did we know that the day we did decide to go out and shoot was going to be the most ideal day possible for a snowy winter day shoot. High Park was covered in powdery goodness and the temperature was only 0 degrees! Sounds cold but it was actually pretty warm for this time of the year! Ok this is turning into a real Canadian post with all the weather talk… Back to love in the snow!
Lauren, Brendon and I took a walk into High Park and it honestly felt like Narnia (minus the lion and polar bears). The energy between these two could truly warm your heart on the coldest day of the year.

So. To recap: There was love, an angry little dog, dance, a dog that enjoyed the snow just a bit too much, a snow battle, and some sweet Parkdale alleys to wrap it up! What a fun day!

I’d also like to thank Lauren for saving my life at least 17 times while I was all over the place slipping in the snow.