January 20, 2015 /

McLean House Wedding

Well here it is.  The last wedding of 2014 and what’s a better place than the beautiful McLean House in The Estates of Sunnybrook.  Taryn & Iain were an absolute pleasure to work with and so much fun to be around!

I was so happy Iain contacted me while looking for a Toronto wedding photographer for his wedding on December 19th, 2014.  Firstly, I love December weddings.  It’s right around the holidays so the celebration is always almost double or tripled it feels.  Secondly, I have never shot in The Estates of Sunnybrook and thought it would be such a wonderful opportunity to work in this absolutely gorgeous venue, specifically in the McLean House.  Another reason I was excited for this wedding is due to the fact that by that time it would’ve been one of the smallest wedding I’ve ever shot, and I really enjoy the energy of a small wedding!

Since it was such a small affair, I photographed both Taryn and Iain getting ready.  They were both in rooms across from each other, which made everything a whole lot easier.  The ceremony was intimate and full of love and emotions, and Iain saw Taryn as his bride for the first time while she was walking down the aisle.  Good old fashion romance.  I love it!

After the ceremony we hopped out to take a few photos.  We tried getting some photos with Zack (Taryn and Iain’s cutest little boy) but he was not interested to say the least and ran back into the venue.  Ha!  So cute!  It was a fairly cold day but that did not stop us from getting some beautiful portraits of this beautiful couple.  We even got them on the porch for a wide shot of McLean House!

I truly hope to cross paths with these two in the future.  We had such a fun time together!