December 25, 2015 /

Royal Saint-Lawrence Yacht Club Wedding


I love traveling for work. Loving what I do so much it’s actually more so traveling for pleasure when I get to think about it. Christine & Dave’s Royal Saint-Lawrence Yacht Club in Montreal was something I’ve been waiting for all year. First time shooting a wedding in Montreal and it sure was a bit different (awesome nonetheless) than what I expected. And it was pouring rain.
These two have so much character and it was very evident right from the beginning. Just by spending some time photographing the girls getting ready, I noticed Christine and Dave’s wonderful sense of style. Like myself, they love old things with a lot of personality. My kind of people!

I’ll never forget a moment during the day when Dave said, “Well, welcome to Montreal” while the sky above us was grey and the ground below us wet and muddy. We laughed about it and did not for one second let it get in the way of our grand photo plans. After all, it is what it is and Mother Nature always has the last word. All you can do is embrace it. And so we did!

Christine and Dave’s wedding was intimate and elegant with quite a flare at the end with a beautifully choreographed couples’ dance! Totally caught me by surprise! It was so wonderful!

I had such an amazing time getting to know these two and capturing some sweet memories for them. Can’t wait to meet them again on my next visit to The City of Saints!