December 6, 2015 /

Muskoka Wedding


What makes you unique?
Inspired by my wife’s encounter with this interesting question during an interview recently, I realized how complicated of a thought it really is.

So what made Liz & Kaitlan’s wedding unique? Well, first and for most I truly believe that every love between two people is unique in its own way, and no two relationships are the same. That being said, these two lovely human beings definitely took it to the next level with planning their wedding. You may think of fireworks and elaborate dance performances but that is not the case. Liz and Kaitlan took it to the next level with how personal they made this wedding celebration.

The wedding took place at Kaitlan’s family cottage in the beautiful Muskoka area on a day that could have never been more dynamic in weather and emotions. Somehow though, it only started raining when it was time to go inside anyways.

And then the rainbow came out.

It’s strange how life works. What a beautiful memory.