April 19, 2015 /

My very own wedding - Reflections on Wedding Photojournalism


On February 22nd I joined the club. The marriage club that is. While the wedding itself was the best party of my life, it was merely a one day celebration of something way bigger; marriage. I am happy to say that after 56 full days Devon and I are still happily married! After experiencing the wedding day in the shoes of the groom, my perspective about my profession definitely changed a bit. I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.

All of these incredible photos were captured by the extremely talented Roman Balashov. Please check out his work at http://www.romwed.com.

As a wedding photojournalist myself, I shoot for my clients and for myself. Yes, I often submit photos for competitions and get very excited to know if I won an award or not. That praise is a momentary pat on the back. As soon as it is done and over with the best thing you can do is pretend it never happened and move on. In the wedding photography industry it is very easy to get caught up with the latest shooting trends, and get inspired (great word for imitating) by someone else’s work that have won them awards and recognition in the field. A dangerous path to walk down if you ask me.

I guess this brings me back to the reason I decided to write this post and that is the importance of good photography and capturing timeless moments of your client’s biggest day. The importance of the true photojournalism you can bring to your work as a wedding photographer. This is when thinking outside of the box can actually go against you as wedding photojournalist. I must admit, I found myself in the past spending time on trying to get clever with a composition while missing great moments right next to me. Not a great feeling. However the standards (or at least so they seem) that the industry sets for us are very high, and we often get drawn into those weird standards and forget why we started shooting and what we (and our clients) value as good photographs. The reason they hired us in the first place.

Before the wedding everybody kept asking me “So who is shooting your wedding?!”. Since the ‘Amigos Selfies’ became such a signature thing I’d always joke around and say that I will be shooting it. It was funny but almost just half a joke from my perspective. By that I don’t mean that I would have hired someone and bossed them around, not at all (I’m also not the bossy type anyways). However, I did my research and looked for a photographer actively (every day) for almost two months until I found Roman. I chose him because I knew I wouldn’t have to boss him around, look over his shoulder to see what he’s getting, or even make suggestions. He had the balance I was looking for in a wedding photographer. His portraits are stunning, his post production treatment is unique, consistent and on the spot, and most importantly he just knows how to capture moments. Real moments. In addition, Roman brings the calmest energy to the wedding. He was just a delight to be around throughout the wedding day.

I kept my promise to myself and let Roman have full creative control and so he did.

Looking at these photos now I love all of them. I really do. But it is the moments that bring the day back, and a few tears to my eyes. The moments make you feel. And that’s what photography is all about.

Thank you, Roman, for the timeless memories you gave us, you are the best decision we have made with this wedding. Keep up the amazing work!