October 23, 2015 /

Prince Edward County Wedding

I love the county.  Having family in Wellington brings me to beautiful Prince Edward County a few times a year.  It is just an incredibly magical part of Ontario and I just love it there.  Vast fields of corn, vineyards not unlike ones growing in Burgundy, a blanket of stars to gaze at, and the sound of the howling wild coyote as you fall asleep at night.

Needless to say that when Sabrina and Jordan told me their wedding plans changed, and that they are getting married in the county – I was stoked!

On a beautiful September day, two lovers promised to be there for one another forever.  More than anything, you could really feel the passion on Sabrina and Jordan’s wedding day.  From the choices of decor, through the energy of their family and friends, all the way to the sweet dynamics between the two of them.  It was elegant, romantic, fun and crazy at times!


Nice wedding photography. I love it.

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