October 30, 2015 /

Rosewater Wedding


There is a very interesting story behind Faye and John’s Rosewater wedding day.
A couple of weeks before the wedding day, John suffered an injury that forced him to walk around with a cane. Pretty pimp if you ask me however I do understand that it’s not the ideal situation from a groom to be’s perspective (yes, I said pimp on a blog post). On the wedding day I was a witness to what true friendship is all about as all of John’s friends showed up to the wedding with canes. I thought it was an unbelievable gesture and to be honest looked so badass (here’s another one for you).That, of course, wasn’t the only beautiful thing about this wedding. It was a very emotional day and that was evident throughout. You must be thinking, “well all weddings are emotional”, but every wedding is also unique and different. So was Faye and John’s.