July 26, 2015 /

Rosewater Wedding


Time to post another wedding! This time it’s Oshrit & Matan’s lovely Rosewater wedding and I couldn’t be more excited to share this one with you guys. The Rosewater is a beautiful and classy restaurant right in the heart of downtown Toronto and I am always delighted to shoot there. The area around it is also great for photos. Let’s just say that it doesn’t get more urban than that!
Oshrit and Matan both got ready in their apartment downtown and that’s where I started my day with them. It was especially fun because they live across the street from OCAD, which is where I went to school. It was definitely a familiar feeling but in a slightly different way. While it doesn’t happen often, I love when couples get ready in the same place. There is something about the maturity of the relationship that breaks the rules of the traditional wedding day, and I think it’s wonderful! I also think it took Matan the same amount of time to figure out how to put his tie on as it did for Oshrit to put her dress on (maybe more!). It was such a fun morning.

We then headed over to distillery district to get some couple portraits done. Having shot (too) many times in that area, I was looking for ways to create different portraits by either including different elements in the regular spots, or even taking a different approach to shooting in common areas. I think it was very successful and I couldn’t have done it without the help of this awesome couple. They were just a pleasure to work with!

The rest of the evening was just as great with a beautiful Jewish ceremony and a lovely reception dinner and dancing! I had the most wonderful time with Oshrit and Matan and I am so happy I got to spend their biggest day with them!