April 14, 2015 /

Scarborough Bluffs Engagement Photos

Yes guys!  It’s another engagement session in Scarborough Buffs!  (This clearly is one of my favourite spots to shoot couples!)

Spring is finally here and what’s a better activity than going to the beach? – Going to the beach with Candace & Mike!  I met these two lovelies during a wedding I shot last year.  We actually sat in the same table and talked a bit about their own wedding plans.  A few months after and here we are.  Just the three of us and Mike’s guitar in the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs!  It’s just amazing how every season I come here it looks completely different.  What a versatile location for an engagement session!

This shoot was basically one big jam session.  As it turns out, Candice and Mike met each other through their mutual passion – Music.  Isn’t that so great?!  After hearing them for the first time we just agreed to pull the guitar out in each spot.  A bit selfish of me but hey they are actually so good I just wanted to hear more!  So we took a walk to the beach and circled back to the bluffs while stopping in different spots to take some snaps.  Candace and Mike were so easy to work with and were very open to any idea I suggested.  It’s such a great feeling to know that the people you photograph trust you 100% and allow you for all of the creative freedom you need in order to get beautiful photographs!  We even got our own audience at some point as you can see in the post.  These girls were very happy to have their own private concert!

I had such a great time photographing these guys and I cannot wait for their wedding.  Knowing what crowd to expect from the wedding we first met I have a feeling it’s going to be an epic party!