January 26, 2015 /

Studio Engagement Session


Yesterday I had Alyssa & Rory over for a studio engagement session. These two are literally the definition of my favourite couple. They are just such wicked people, and I have to admit I got pretty hooked on Rory’s Scottish accent. We took some shots outside and jump back into the studio right after, just having a ton of laughs. It was exactly what an engagement shoot is suppose to be!
I met Alyssa and Rory at the Toronto’s Bridal Show that took place last October. It was my first time having a booth in a a bridal show so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After getting everything done and setting up the booth exactly how I wanted it to be I realized I did not have a sign with my business title on it. Ha! All in all the show was pretty successful and hey, I got to start a relationship with another wonderful couple!

When I have couples for an initial meeting at my studio I really do my best to be a good host. I think I got that from my mom. So I offer coffee or tea, sometimes even beer and whiskey! When Alyssa and Rory came to meet me for the first time I just got back from a visit in Israel, and brought some of my mom’s date cookies back with me (if you’ve had them before you know they are no joke). I still think that this may or may not have been why Alyssa and Rory booked me 😉 So when they came over again for the shoot they brought me delicious cookies that they made at home! How sweet is that?!

And that was it. We bonded over different variations of home made sweets. That is the real thing, I’m telling you. I cannot wait to photograph these guys’ wedding!