August 11, 2015 /

The Manor Wedding


As I suspected, Leora & David’s wedding at The Manor turned out to be a strong contender for the best wedding I’ve ever shot in my career. These two’s cocktail hour only was a party you sometimes don’t get at a typical wedding reception. And that was just the cocktail hour! Thinking about it, there was no reason for it not to be the celebration it was. Two exceptional people must have a wonderful family, and incredible friends. From my experience, that is the core of every great celebration!
On our way to The Manor in the morning, we stopped by at the neighbors’ property to ask for permission to bring the bride and groom later for some photos. The owners of the property were so genuinely nice and kindly agreed to let us do that! As soon as we finished Leora & David’s first look we headed over there for some portraits of this awesome pair. The owner of the property was so nice to the point he started suggesting us spots to shoot around the farm and opened his massive barn for us.

We drove back and got right into another (even crazier) session, now with the wedding party. If you’ve been following my work, you would know that the more random things get – the happier I am. In this wedding party’s case I didn’t have to do any guiding of any sort. I just let them be themselves and that turned out perfect – what a fun bunch!

Through the ceremony and all the way to the dance floor, the energy of the day just kept going up as the minutes passed. Leora and David’s family and friend were an example for the ideal people you need to have at a wedding.

Fun Fact: Around 30 of Leora and David’s guests were their Burning Man crew! These guys really made the party!