January 30, 2016 /

TOP 10 Dance Moves of 2015


2015 was a year to remember. I married the love of my life, moved into our new home, and had my first baby born on my birthday! I also shot 47 weddings and got to meet so many wonderful couples, family members, guests, and fellow vendors.

After looking at all of the amazing “Best of 2015” posts by my super talented friends, I decided it would be a bit redundant to do one myself. Besides, it’s almost February and I’ve been on baby boy’s schedule for the last month and a half. He is a very strict boss!

So instead, here are the top 10 dance moves of the year. Since each one of these wicked-fun people is a winner in my books, there’s no ranking of any sort. Enjoy!


With his acting background (duh?!), I expected no less from this gentleman.  +1 for busting out a move I have never seen before, and owning it!

This half dance/ half exorcism caught my attention on the dance floor immediately.  This guy wins a spot for the theatricality of his move, with his friends making it even better!  Love the hands all over the frame!

Do not try this at home!  This fella tried to go down like the belly dancer despite his friends’ warnings!  Kudos for the effort, champ!  She seemed to get a kick out of it!

This is beautiful bride, Jennifer, getting low during the Limbo.  So low, in fact, that everyone around her felt like she was going to tip back!  As a first hand witness I can tell you that that move was as smooth as butter.  Love the supporting hands around! 

Party is so good, I forgot all about my injury!  I can assure you these crutches were not party props.  Nothing like a good tune to make you forget all your problems. 

When this moment happened, I almost couldn’t believe it.  Matching shirts – matching dance moves?!  That’s a double win for this pair.  Absolutely amazing.

This is was one of those strange situations in which you wish the moment wasn’t frozen in time.  That foot on the beam, though.  What was the premise of the dance move?  Whatever it was wins this superstar a spot in the top 10 dance moves of 2015. 

The old Fish n’ Hook!  Couldn’t resist including this, especially since the star of this dance move, Adam, is one of my 2014 grooms.  This was shot at a wedding he attended as a guest.  Love the girl getting caught in the middle of this chaos!

Not exactly sure what happened here but this one takes it home for his dedication (and wine stains on his pants)!  Looks like some kind of a floor roll move of some sort.  Win! 

That expression.  And the loose suspenders.  Pure joy. 


When you plan your wedding day schedule with your photographer, remember this post.  Your guests having a blast at your wedding are most likely the photos that you are going to love the most.  They will be, without a doubt, memories that you will talk about forever. 

Make sure your photographer doesn’t leave before the dance party starts!