June 11, 2015 /

Toronto Engagement Photos


“I just like to have fun”. Often times my meetings with couples start by me saying this. It is true. I like to book couples that are happy, fun and energetic. As a result, photographing them makes for a super exciting experience. I booked this morning shoot with Jennifer and Michael. When they asked me how much time we have I just told them that we have as much time as we need. I didn’t know that would translate into a four-hour shoot but hey, time flies when you are having a blast!
We started the shoot at Jennifer and Michael’s apartment, trying to get the best out of the brief appearance of their cute cats! Then we continued on to their old neighborhood on Hallem St. close to Christie St. It’s definitely one of the more interesting corners in Toronto with lots of interesting visuals and characters to photograph. From there we went to check out “the Greek house” on Shaw St. If you are ever around that area it is definitely something to check out. It is the Greekest (is that a word?!) house I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to Greece!

From there we went to Christie Pits Park, where Jennifer (yes, Jennifer) suggested the guys roll down the hill. Now… If you know me you can only imagine my reaction to that. I even did a round with Jennifer myself as you can see! Wow, talking about having pure, silly fun.

If that wasn’t enough, we cleaned ourselves up and headed to Arte Gelato on Bloor Street for some delicious refreshment! We even played this hilarious game where the guys had to feed each other with their eyes closed. It resulted in them feeding each other’s beard and hair. Good times.

We wrapped up the shoot with a cycling session/ race on the railway path and that was it. Can you believe it?! Honestly the most versatile session I’ve ever shot with a couple! Best day!