Dailo Wedding


From the first moment I heard from Seana and Zach, I knew I came across a special couple that I will never forget.
Seana’s initial message to me: “I am sitting here post shift, killing time waiting for the kitchen staff to finish so we can lock up and boogie. I came across your page, as friends of mine began liking and following you on Facebook. Did I mention the stifled sniffles and muffled sobs as I peruse your portfolio? Because ya, thats a thing.”

Seana and Zach had a beautiful New York style wedding at Dailo Restaurant in Toronto on a beautiful September day. The amazing thing is that Dailo is located right between both of their work places. La Carnita on the north and Bar Raval on the south. I guess from day one of their marriage Seana and Zach already know how to meet in the middle.

Seana about Zach’s proposal:

“We were working on opening a restaurant in Riverside, he as the Chef de Cuisine and myself as the Manager. It was hectic. We randomly had a day off together, went to dinner, had a beautiful relaxing night just the two of us. So relaxing, I took my sweet time showering and getting ready for bed. He burst into the washroom while I was brushing my teeth. It was chaos. The toothbrush might still be under the couch, having flung out of my hands in the moment.”

What a day. We really couldn’t have asked for more. Lovely weather and gorgeous locations, and so many emotions and action! Truly a documentary photographer’s dream! More than anything, I feel extremely privileged to have met this incredible couple. Seana and Zach, you guys ROCK. I’m out of words. Thank you so much for treating us like family!