September 8, 2016 /

Wedding Anecdote #2 - Strangers Love


Every once in a while I am reminded of a favourite moment that happened during a wedding. Some romantic and touching, while others straight up strange and hard to explain. This series of blog posts is an invitation into my thought process. Not my camera bag, settings or lighting – only thoughts and intentions.


Strangers Love


This is a story I get to tell quite often as people always ask about this photograph. Where are you? Who are those people? What’s going on?

This photograph was taken during Erin and Yahel’s wedding in old Jaffa, Israel in 2011. We were out shooting some portraits and I was lacking inspiration. It was completely dark, and the spotty-overly orange streetlights seemed like something I wanted to get away from. So I randomly turned around and asked everyone around to join in for a photo with the Bride and Groom. Little did I know that right behind us stood a large group of African tourists who were enjoying a warm evening in the magical streets of old Jaffa. Before we knew it Erin and Yahel were swarmed by these wonderful people who gave them so much love you would think they were they’re immediate family. It was one of the most genuine moments I got to experience in my entire life.