Dark Horse Espresso Bar Wedding


Have you ever heard of a coffee shop wedding? I have. In fact, Nithya & Paul’s wedding was actually the 2nd wedding I have shot at Dark Horse Espresso Bar in downtown Toronto!
Nithya’s first email to me cracked me up so hard I have to share it with you…. She said “Are you free Thanksgiving weekend to shoot our wedding? I really love your photos, because your sense of humour shines through! My biggest fear with having a wedding is it will just be a sappy event, but my partner and I are both big jokesters and I’d love the photos to be lighthearted too”. Right there I knew that Nithya and Paul are the exact people I love working with. They are funny and fun, and they are super chill! So needless to say I was very excited to meet up with them and get the booking on the go.

We started the day at Nithya’s friend super cool apartment in which the girls got ready in the beautiful attic of the house. What a cool little nook! Since I was shooting this wedding on my own I had to quickly run back over to the guys’ house where Paul got ready with his family. After taking a few portraits we headed from Roncesvalles to Dark Horse Espresso Bar in China town.

Everything about this wedding was so unique and personalized. From the hand made hot sauce hand out jars to the menu, which was ordered from Nithya and Paul’s favorite takeout spot. Such a special evening!

This was definitely a night that reminded me why I chose a career as a wedding photographer, and I am so thrilled that I got to know and hang out with these amazing people. Thank you guys so much for having me as your wedding photographer. I had such a (non-sappy) great time with you two!



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