Elegant Malaparte Wedding


Last July we joined Yayoi and Alfred to document their elegant Malaparte wedding in Toronto. When asked why they decided to book this venue for their wedding Yayoi and Alfred said “We wanted a unique venue that represented downtown Toronto. When we visited Malaparte, even on a rainy day, we instantly fell in love with the space. It has a gorgeous outdoor view and had everything we wanted”. I think it’s fair to say this is a pretty bang on description of that space and if you’ve never been to Malaparte, or the TIFF Bell Lightbox building at all you are missing out!

Yayoi and Alfred’s energy is like a breezy summer day spent on the beach. Faint Bossa Nova music is playing from the distance. It is warm and calm, yet very exertive and flowing in a rhythm that makes you want to stay awhile. So we did – and it was the most wonderful experience. Looking back at some of the moments we captured one of the first words coming to mind is ‘connection’ and to me, this has always been a core part of my approach as documentary wedding photographer.

One of the things we enjoyed the most about this wedding was Yayoi and Alfred’s choreographed first dance. Planning ahead, committing to learn and improve, being creative and solving problems on the spot together are all things that should reflect well into every successful marriage and what better way than an early practice as such! You could really feel how much these two love and respect each other just by the way they moved together on that dance floor. When you think about it, isn’t life one long dance in a way? A series of movements in different directions in an attempt to express one’s feelings and emotions. Some movements are planned while other are improvised. Some elevate you while other bring your body to the ground. Some push you to your limits while other feel strangely natural.

As always, special thanks goes out to Jocelyn Reynolds for documenting this beautiful day with me!


Film: Maple Tree Films

DJ: Dougie Boom

Flowers: Mid-valley Gardens

Hair and makeup: Blush Pretty

Venue: Malaparte