Emotional Vow Renewal Ceremony

Special post today as I’m here to share a collection of favorite photographs I took at Natasha & Kes’ beautiful vow renewal ceremony with you guys.

Two reasons why it’s so special are:

1. I never photographed a vow renewal ceremony.

2. Photographing one made me think about what it means.

The funny thing is, as a wedding photographer, my job is to romanticize the idea of marriage. While I am indeed a true believer in it, I don’t think it’s a walk in the park and something couples should ever rush into. Of course, we’re all adults and make our own decisions, good or bad, we deal with them. That’s life. The thing is, a partnership is hard work and although this wedding industry can often seem very light and airy (industry peeps reference), getting through real stuff together as a couple has a lot of moments spent in the shadows.

When I started thinking about the idea of vow renewal, and especially after photographing Natasha & Kes’ at their home in Pickering, it hit me. Saying your vows on your wedding day is great. It’s romantic, promising and definitely shows your intentions for a joint future for you and your love. But saying vows after five, ten, twenty years of tackling life and everything it brings with it together is on a whole different level of meaningful.

On a personal level, this event really touched me and reminded me that the effort never ends. So, I dedicate this post to my beautiful wife, Devon. I may not be the perfect partner but there’s nothing more important to me than our relationship and friendship. Huge thanks to these two for trusting me with documenting this important life event. I took so much more out of that day than just photos! Thank you!


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