Gardiner Museum Wedding


Right from the beginning of our relationship, these two were so much fun to be around, let alone photograph. For their couple session, all we did was walk around their neighbourhood and looked for interesting spots to shoot. To me, this is always the best idea for a location to shoot – a place that means a lot to you. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or if it’s (traditionally speaking) beautiful or not. A good example would be the location Laurel and Jared chose for their first look. Wonder where that was? We shot the first look in Jared’s parents’ apartment that is currently in final stages of construction. Locations are often looked at as something that needs to be beautiful but really, what is beauty anyways? While that’s another conversation, choosing a location that makes the moment special and gives it another layer of meaning is something to think about. Years down the road photographs lose their “cool” factor and most of what’s left is the feeling you get from looking at them, and that has a lot to do with the historical value of the photograph.
Some food for thought for all ya’ll photographers and couples alike!