Gladstone Hotel Wedding

As I’m finally getting a grip after a busy season, it’s time to blog some weddings I didn’t have a chance to! Today is Carly & Ben’s Gladstone Hotel wedding!

I usually go about posting weddings in a fairly straight forward way but today I’d like to only talk about one photograph I took during this wedding that I think is pretty special. If you scroll down a bit (to the 15th photograph to be exact), you’ll notice an interesting reflection shot – that’s the one! As a Toronto wedding photographer (did you get that, Google…? Good), I incorporate reflections in my photographs quite often. However, how many of those reflections have meanings beyond the visual result? That’s a good question to ask, and one that introduced itself to me after taking this shot of Carly looking into a drawing of her mother when she was about the same age.

There’s a lot that happens on a wedding day that has to do with the idea of reflection. People reflect on their relationships, themselves, the future, present, and past. It’s not always pre-meditated but definitely something we see all the time simply by chatting to family members, friends, and of course our couples on their wedding day.

This photograph came about while I was taking some window lit portraits with Carly. I noticed the drawing and she told me the story behind it. I felt an urge to make a connection between the past and the present, and here we are. It is not perfect, and both figures do not align seamlessly, but in this capture, they are connected in such a layered way I thought was worth talking about. I can’t remember if I showed Carly’s mother this photo after I took it so I am still so curious to know what she thinks about it!

Okay done with the deep thoughts for today. Please enjoy this set that will hopefully remind you of warmer downtown Toronto days. Special thanks to the Gladstone Hotel for being one of the coolest places anyone can choose for their wedding day in Toronto!


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