Henderson Brewing Co. Wedding

September weddings are growing to be my favorites. Besides the fact that I usually get to share them with you when it’s bitter cold outside and bring some warmth to your day, I genuinely think it’s such a fabulous time of the year to get married. The summer craziness is kind of over and the weather is still beautiful – what else can you ask for? In this case we also got a wonderful couple to work with, and a really fun party to be a part of!
Mel and Brent got married at Henderson Brewery and just when I thought I’ve seen a lot of creativity from engaged couples, here comes one and surprises me with such a wicked location to celebrate their love for each other. The Brewery was not draped and none of the interior was really modified for the event. The wedding ceremony basically took place in the storage and loading area of the brewery between all the kegs and brewing tanks. How epic is that? During our couple session a few months before the wedding, I had a chance to get to know Mel and Brent a bit better and their brewery wedding plans all made sense. We kicked it off at Bellwoods Brewery where their first date took place, and continued on walking around the Dundas and Ossington Neighborhood. These two are creative, unique, fun individuals and make for killer karaoke partners (speaking from experience – also part of our couple session).Last September we went out and documented all the moments from Mel and Brent’s special day. While doing that, we learned about new fashion apparatuses that keep your dress shirt tucked in, left the house door open and almost lost the cat (Shlomi), drank beer with custom made labels just for the wedding (!), had delicious tacos for dinner and McDonald’s burgers as a late snack! Here are some of the day’s highlights!

Venue: Henderson Brewing Co.

Guest 2nd photographer: Oscar Tosso

Catering: Grand Electric

Florist: Coriander Girl



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