The Warehouse Wedding


Last August I was very lucky to shoot Amy & Justin’s wedding in The Warehouse Venue in Toronto. It was such a beautiful and extremely joyful day from beginning to end! It also had the largest wedding party I’ve ever shot. We are talking about 21 people! I think that in Amy and Justin’s case it was true evidence to how many of their friends care about them and vise versa, and that’s a very special thing!
Both Amy and Justin got ready at The Warehouse Venue and my 2nd shooter, Gio, and myself were there to capture all the little moments and nuances that happen during that stage of the day. Since guys take about 3 minutes to get ready, we both had the chance to cover the girls getting ready along with Amy in the bridal room.

As soon as everybody was ready we stepped out for a quick reveal moment with the couple. It was short, sweet and romantic. I just love the dynamic between Amy and Justin! We drove around Downsview Park for some couple portraits and took advantage of the industrial landscape that area has to offer. Since it used to be an army base, the whole area is full of hangers and other interesting structures to work with. Lots of fun!

We then drove back and got some wedding party photos. As we were moving towards a fairly large hill behind the venue I had this crazy idea to get the whole wedding party up there for a portrait. As crazy as it was, this wicked wedding party went along with the idea and made its way up the hill. I ended up with the exact shot I wanted. It seemed like an appropriate way to showcase the largest wedding party I’ve ever shot. So small 🙂

Fun fact: When we shot the engagement session Amy and Justin were pretty sure their apartment was on fire. It wasn’t though!



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