The Warehouse Wedding


During Jenny and Aaron’s wedding ceremony, they both put their rings on their own fingers and high fived immediately. It was a split second of a moment that says a lot about who these two are as individuals, and as partners. Looking back at this beautiful celebration, it was one of the best moments I was privileged to document for them. In her answer to my questionnaire Jenny said “we are really excited to start building the ceremony and find creative ways to navigate Jewish tradition, culture, and ritual in a way that is in line with our shared values and different approaches to Judaism”. Jenny, I think you guys nailed it. In fact, your ceremony was all of that and much more. You made your community a big part of your ceremony which was beautiful to watch.
My personal highlights of the day in no particular order:

  • Jenny and her dad breaking into the fridge to taste the dessert
  • Jenny’s dad taking multiple naps prior to ceremony
  • Guests doodling on craft paper tablecloths
  • Aaron’s collection of ties and the process of choosing the right one
  • One huge tree in a field

So many more but I’ll leave you guys with that!

As always thanks so much to Jocelyn Reynolds for helping me capture this fantastic wedding!



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