Wedding Anecdote #3 - Unveiling of the Bride


Every once in a while I am reminded of a favourite moment that happened during a wedding. Some romantic and touching, while others straight up strange and hard to explain. This series of blog posts is an invitation into my thought process. Not my camera bag, settings or lighting – only thoughts and intentions.


Unveiling of the Bride


There are quite a few biblical explanations to why a Jewish bride is veiled prior to her marriage ceremony but do you know the origin of the unveiling tradition during a Jewish wedding ceremony?

The love story of Jacob and Rachel started with seven years of Jacob working for Rachel’s father, Laban. Only after Jacob fulfilled his duty of labour, Laban finally agreed to allow him to marry Rachel. It wasn’t only by the morning after the wedding that Jacob realized he married Leah, Rachel’s older sister. She was veiled throughout the whole wedding.

This photograph was taken during Laura & Udi’s Atlantis wedding last summer. On both sides of the beautiful bride stand the two guards – mother of the bride and mother of the groom. Between the two sits a young bride whose face you cannot see.